Who we are

OSARCC was founded in 1979 as a collective of women, all volunteers, working to support women who had experienced rape and sexual abuse. Since 2009, OSARCC has been a charity with a board of trustees, paid employees and volunteers, all working together to support survivors across Oxfordshire.

OSARCC is an inclusive organisation which actively challenges discrimination in all its forms, including but not limited to discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality, disability, age, and class. We welcome contact from women from all walks of life, including sex workers and trans women. 

At OSARCC, we know that all survivors are different and therefore aim to provide a range of support services to suit each individual, including telephone and email support, face-to-face counselling, support groups, and advocacy.

We also recognise that supporting a survivor can feel isolating, so our phone and email support services are also open to supporters of survivors of all genders - whether they are professionals, parents, partners, or friends.

We are members of Rape Crisis (England and Wales) and The Survivors Trust, and work in line with the Rape Crisis National Service Standards which ensure our work is of a high quality. 

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2015 - Lloyds Bank Foundation 'Valuing Volunteers' Award, South East Region - Winner 

2015 - Oxfordshire Business Awards 'Charity & Community Award' - Finalist

2015 - Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action 'Lifetime Achievement Award' - Winner

2013 - Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action 'Best Team of Volunteers Award' - Winner

2012 - Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action 'Management of Volunteers Award' - Winner