OSARCC launches #40for40 fundraising appeal in our 40th Anniversary Year

Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC) launches #40for40 fundraising appeal in our 40th Anniversary Year as part of our #riseup campaign. 

Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC) is increasing demand, as helpline calls rose again last year by 28%, and counselling provision doubled, but many are still having to wait for support and there are many we aren't reaching. We have therefore launched a fundraising appeal in our 40th year of operation to help expand the support we can provide.  

We need to raise £40,000 as part of our #40for40 campaign and we're asking members of Oxfordshire public to #riseup and commit to raising at least £40 each to help reach this target. There will be a wide range of fundraising events over the next 12 months, so something for everyone – you can learn more on our #40for40 campaign page.

In the last year we have: 

  • Increased helpline support calls by 28%
  • More than doubled the number of counselling sessions provided
  • Continued to provide group support and launched a new drop in service
  • Launched a partnership project with the University of Oxford to provide student specific support
  • Launched a text support service
  • Trained professionals across the county in sexual violence awareness
  • Delivered work in schools and universities to more than 2500 young people

CEO Lisa Ward says ‘Sexual violence has varied and lasting consequence for those who experience it, often leaving survivors with a range of complex emotions and impacting on many aspects of an individual’s life. Whilst we’re reach more survivors than ever before, we face increasing demand on our service which we are struggling to meet, meaning survivors have to wait much longer than we’d like to access support. This is why we’re asking everyone in Oxfordshire to help us #riseup and join in our #40for40 campaign“